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Green Houses

The Inhabitable Greenhouse Concept – UrbaLab Call for Ideas Award.
  • Housing
  • 2017

The Inhabitable Greenhouse Concept – UrbaLab Call for Ideas Award.

In 2016, Bordeaux Métropole called upon players in the building industry to participate in the UrbaLab Call for Ideas. Architects, urban planners, real estate developers, designers, investors and manufacturers were asked to “invent innovative, creative and flexible concepts for developing urban areas.”
For Patriarche, it was an opportunity to observe new building types such as residential space housed in converted wine cellars in the Chartrons district of Bordeaux. This served as inspiration for the idea of the inhabitable greenhouse.

Urba Lab
  • Patriarche (Architect, Landscaping, OPC, BET TCE, HQE, Landscape VRD, Safety)

Laureate of the the UrbaLab call for ideas.

The bioclimatic greenhouse concept can be applied to urban or suburban zones. A series of sober, adaptable structures houses living quarters and space for growing plants, allowing inhabitants to produce food within the confines of an urban dwelling. Residential quarters are distinct from the temperature-controlled zones, where ample space on the ground is freed up for growing fruits and vegetables. This reinterpretation of the traditional greenhouse, with its carefully tended inner gardens, results in a highly esthetic ensemble in which greenery plays a predominant role.

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