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Gearbox Montreal

When design meets innovation in the world of video games.

Gearbox, a leader in the video game industry, has once again partnered with Patriarche for the design and construction of its first studio in Montreal, following the success of their project in Quebec City, which earned the Grand Prix du Design in the category “Interior Design, Office, Creative Firm and New Technology Companies.” While the Quebec City studio served as a benchmark, a new approach was adopted for the Montreal location.

The distinctive layout of the Montreal studio, characterized by its rectangular and elongated floor plan, presented a significant challenge. The need to create a dynamic environment while providing clear landmarks was crucial. To address this challenge, Patriarche adopted an audacious approach, creating various ambiances and playing on color contrasts to delineate the different spaces. This innovative strategy not only enlivened the space but also facilitated team orientation, promoting a fluid and intuitive circulation.

Gearbox’s studio in Montreal features 208 open-space workstations, 11 enclosed offices, 12 meeting rooms, and 11 lounge areas. Each area was designed to meet specific needs, fostering collaboration, individual focus, and relaxation. This functional diversity ensures that each team member has an appropriate environment, thereby enhancing productivity and well-being in the workplace.

Client : Gearbox
Location : Montréal, Canada
Surface : 3 058 m²
Status : Delivered
Date : 2023
Key points
  • 208 workstations.
  • 12 meeting rooms.
  • 11 lounge areas.
  • 1 cafeteria.
  • Fusion of art and design.
  • Eclectic furnishings.

Inspiration and key concepts

We immersed ourselves in a world of vibrant, retro colors, drawing inspiration from the unique urban energy of the metropolis.

Eclectic furniture and unusual elements

To add a touch of originality, we carefully integrated unexpected pieces of furniture. Stools resembling tree trunks and a colossal meeting table with wooden branch legs were selected to infuse the design with a natural, woodsy atmosphere, creating a contrast with the venue’s 90s ambiance.

The project embodies the concept of exploring off the beaten track, exemplified by elements such as the yellow curtain reclaimed from a welding workshop, playfully nicknamed the “shower.” This singular detail evokes the raw, industrial spirit of a construction site, intentionally contrasting with the cozy comfort of the rest of the cafeteria space.

One of the highlights of the project was the artistic collaboration with Julien Lebargy. The reproduction of his work “Little Boy Bomb,” displayed near the offices’ entrance, prompts a poignant reflection on our relationship with war and aims to raise awareness of contemporary issues through echoes of the past. This initiative is part of a broader process of reappropriating historical objects for artistic expression, enriching the uniqueness and depth of the project.

When creativity and trust turn a concept into reality

In this project, Patriarche unleashed its creativity, pushing the boundaries of design to conceive a truly unique concept. The customer, demonstrating unwavering trust in us, proved to be an exceptional partner, embracing our boldest ideas without hesitation. This mutual commitment made it possible to bring our shared vision to life, resulting in an extraordinary workplace where innovation and originality take center stage.


Patriarche (Architecture, Interior architecture, Signage, Graphic design)


Planifitech Inc. | Ingénieur électromécanique

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Photos of the construction site

Gearbox Montreal