The agency

Patriarche is an augmented architecture agency.
Our unique model, which integrates all the resources needed to create, build and operate innovative projects,
is based on a renewed practice of architecture that encourages the emergence of solutions that are ever more conscious, responsible and rooted in the community.

Patriarche is active in North America
through its offices in Canada.

For more than 10 years, Patriarche has been practising as an augmented architect in Canada,
and now employs more than 40 people in its Montreal and Quebec City offices.
With projects ranging from public and private institutions to office buildings, industry and living spaces, the agency uses an integrated, multidisciplinary model to design, build and animate spaces that foster commitment and cultivate enthusiasm.

Our agility and ability to manage projects of different scales and types means we can meet our customers' changing needs while incorporating the latest technological and environmental advances. Our ability to mobilise an extended team is reactive, thanks to our 'one agency, many locations'
global operating mode. With its in-depth knowledge of Canadian ecosystems and, more broadly,
of the American continent, Patriarche knows how to navigate among the various players, territories, users and design processes in order to offer innovative solutions.

Patriarche Canada's commitment can be summed up as follows: we are determined to excel
on all levels, whether functional, human or environmental, to create spaces that enrich the lives of users and respect our planet.

Our activities

Patriarche Canada benefits from a wide range of skills and draws on the expertise of the agency's
5 entities to cover the entire project value chain.

Patriarche, the architecture, engineering and design agency, Bart | Patriarche, the project management entity, and Walter | Patriarche, the operator, service provider and space animator,
all three firmly established in Canada, operate alongside Autumn | Patriarche, Myah | Patriarche
and February | Patriarche, the entities responsible respectively for construction, interior design
and the deployment of digital solutions applied to buildings.

Architecture and Design studio

Real estate developer

Spaces operator and animator

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setting up in Canada
completed projects

Every day, the Patriarche Canada teams devote all their skills and energy
to bringing the world of augmented architecture to life. Acting responsibly
and ethically, innovating and creating value is the objective that guides
them every day in their practice.
Patriarche is always on the lookout for new talent.

Our latest projects

Placing the user, his uses and his well-being at the heart of our thinking is a priority.
Whether it's architecture, design or interior fittings, discover our latest projects and those to come.