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Distillerie Arsenal & Co.

An outstanding distillery, where the past meets modernity in a perfectly orchestrated marriage.

The fruit of collaboration between Groupe Top Resto, Archibald Microbrasserie and master distiller Baptiste Gissinger, this ambitious project has found a home of the former Arsenal munitions factory.

The Arsenal & Co. distillery offers four unique experiences:

  • The tiered restaurant offers every guest an unobstructed view on the stage, guaranteeing an immersive event experience.
  • The boutique invites you to discover and taste products on site.
  • The distillery showcases the team's craftsmanship in the production spirits.
  • A terrace, seating up to 200 guests, offers a superb view of Quebec City.

To ensure a smooth and pleasant experience, our teams have designed a carefully thought-out customer path to allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the distillery's universe.
In line with universal accessibility standards, an elevator was also integrated to facilitate access to all levels, including the terrace.

Client : Groupe Top Resto
Archibald Microbrasserie
Location : Québec, Canada
Surface : 2 268 m²
Status : Delivered
Date : 2023
Key points
  • Distillery.
  • Restaurant.
  • Terrace.
  • Boutique.
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The aesthetic of Arsenal & Co. skilfully merges past and present, incorporating raw materials such as steel, wood and concrete, as well as more refined elements such as copper and velvet. Every detail, from furniture to lighting fixtures, contributes to creating a rich, enveloping ambience. The imposing chandeliers, reaching up to 2.9 meters, suspended above the bar area, instantly catch the eye upon entry, adding a touch of grandeur to the entire space.

The building’s generous 11.3-meter ceiling height and industrial structure presented a major challenge in terms of acoustic management. Thanks to innovative solutions proposed by the
design team, such as the installation of acoustic panels, theatrical curtains and special coatings, the space was transformed into a place that is as pleasing to the ear as it is to the eye.


Patriarche (Architecture, Interior Architecture)


Décor ST


Photos: © Patriarche

Photos of the construction site

Distillerie Arsenal & Co.