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Residence des Cimes

A permanent connection with nature.

The Résidence des Cimes is much more than a simple mountain chalet; it’s a second home tailor-made for a family of four, where every detail reflects the needs and passions of its inhabitants, while blending harmoniously into its natural surroundings.

From the very first sketches, the customers’ desire was clear: to remain in constant contact with the surrounding natural beauty. As a result, the many bay windows offer panoramic views of the surrounding forest. Direct access to the outdoors from every room reinforces this immersion in nature. The central corridor punctuated by vertical windows offers framed views of the landscape and guides residents through the various spaces. The living room, the focal point of this stroll, is clad in glass across its entire south-facing facade, to capture maximum light in winter, while in summer the rays of the zenital sun are blocked by the generous overhang of the roof.

Client : Private
Location : Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, Canada
Surface : 252 m²
Status : Delivered
Date : 2023
Key points
  • Use of wood.
  • 3 volumes.
  • Mezzanine.

Assertive spatial organization

The chalet is divided into three distinct volumes, each dedicated to specific functions and uses. The first volume houses the service areas: entrance, garage and checkroom.
The mudroom lies between the first and second volumes. The second volume houses the night spaces: children’s and parents’ bedrooms and bathrooms. The third volume houses the common areas, such as the kitchen, dining room and living room. This clear, functional division structures the space while ensuring fluidity of circulation.

A functional space for outdoor leisure activities

With outdoor living at the heart of the family’s activities, our architects meticulously articulated the spaces to accommodate equipment related to winter sports and motorized activities. A vast mudroom-style room, a veritable airlock between indoors and outdoors, was integrated to store this equipment. Similarly, a functional checkroom at the entrance meets practical day-to-day needs.

Modularity and space optimization

Anticipating a possible transformation into a main residence, the design was conceived with modularity in mind.
Every space was designed to be used to the maximum, and ingenious storage solutions were integrated throughout the chalet, notably in the long corridor linking the three volumes.

A passion for wine

The owner’s passion for wine was echoed in the design of a wine cellar integrated into the very heart of the residence through the fixed furniture in the corridor. Like a showcase, this glass cellar highlights each bottle, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

The genius of the place: design and responsibility

The design of the Résidence des Cimes had to juggle various constraints, such as the proximity of a wetland area and strict regulatory standards.
Despite these challenges, the ecological footprint was always at the heart of our concerns. The choice of sustainable materials, such as Canadian red cedar for the exterior envelope and white poplar for the interior cladding, testifies to our commitment to environmentally-friendly architecture.

The site’s complex topography and the need to preserve wooded areas posed unique challenges when designing this chalet. The team had to ensure fluid circulation through the three distinct volumes, while taking into account the constraints specific to this type of unusual construction.


Patriarche (Architecture, Interior architecture))


Construction Claude Garier et fils


Photos: © Patriarche



Photos of the construction site

Residence des Cimes