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Bromont Incubator

Construction of a business incubator and accelerator in a science park.

The project is located in the Bromont Science Park, which is designed to encourage the clustering of high-tech companies involved in research and innovation, in particular by supporting their establishment and development.

The building houses a business incubator and accelerator.
The incubator is designed to support entrepreneurs in the creation and development of their businesses, while the accelerator is dedicated to bringing established projects to fruition.

Users benefit from an extensive range of services, including manufacturing and R&D workshops, as well as a clean room offering a controlled environment for experiments, with precise control of parameters such as light, temperature and ventilation.

In addition to these functions, the building offers permanent office space, open to entities such as banks or insurance companies, wishing to contribute to the support of companies, whether in the incubation or acceleration phase.

Client : City of Bromont
Location : Bromont, Canada
Surface : 2 367 m²
Status : In progress
Key points
  • Microtechnology.
  • Innovation.
  • Creation.
  • Development.
  • Biophily.
  • Natural environment.
  • Collaboration.
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The multi-purpose conference space, designed to accommodate up to 300 people, is equipped with a retractable partition, so it can be split into two rooms to suit different configurations. In particular, this multifunctional space can be transformed into a welcoming cafeteria-bistro, adding a friendly and pleasant dimension to the user experience. This flexibility also makes it possible to create a fluid connection with the outside world, thanks to the possibility of opening the bay windows to accommodate a larger number of participants for one-off events.

Anchored in its context

The design of the building is inspired by the biophilic concept, highlighting the natural environment in which it is set. The curves of the architecture invite people to come together and encourage interaction between occupants, creating a place that encourages serendipity.

On the outside, materials have been chosen to give the building an aesthetic that reflects its vocation for innovation and cutting-edge technology. The upper part of the building is clad in a dark metal envelope, allowing it to blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape by subtly reflecting the natural beauty of the surroundings. To ensure that the building remains firmly rooted in its context, the base is finished in stone, creating an elegant contrast between modernity and tradition.


Patriarche (Architecture, Interior Architecture)


3D pictures: © Patriarche.



Photos of the construction site

Bromont Incubator