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Base de Plein Air

A building that honours its surroundings.

The architectural design of the new building is simple, almost vernacular, but fundamentally contemporary. In addition to establishing a strong identity, it aims to enhance this outstanding
natural site located at the heart of urban life.

The Quebec City's plan for the new pavilion is centred around four buildings, housing the administrative, public, sanitation, and storage facilities. Dividing up the building on one level allowed for better control of access to the building, according to use, whether by the public or by the building's employees. The facade setbacks create gaps between the buildings, allowing for
the creation of usable and sheltered outdoor spaces.

Open to the general public, it was essential that the proposed materials were durable and easy to maintain in order to extend the useful life of the building and minimise operating costs.

In the end, we worked very hard with the engineers to design a highly energy-efficient building.

Client : Ville du Québec
Location : Sainte-Foy, Canada
Surface : 2 288 m²
Status : Delivered
Date : 2019
Key points
  • Wood construction.
  • Traditional and contemporary architecture.
  • Exterior design.


Patriarche group :

Patriarche (Architecture)
Patriarche Creative (Signage)

Partners :

FNX Innov
Drolet Construction
Art Massif


Photos © Stephane Groleau

© Mano Photographe


Award of Excellence from the Quebec Order of Architects.
CECOBOIS Award of Excellence.
A Merit of Architecture from the City of Quebec.
Grands Prix du Design - "GOLD" Project.
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