Driven by its mission to imagine, create and bring physical and digital places to life that foster commitment and cultivate enthusiasm, Patriarche draws its strength from an integrated model. Thanks to wide skills range and 5 entities, all with diverse and complementary expertise, the agency acts at every project stage across a diverse set of sectors including commercial, industrial, residential, hotels & tourism, civic & community, healthcare, and life sciences.

Patriarche is the architecture, engineering and design agency; Bart | Patriarche is the real estate developer; Autumn | Patriarche is the general contractor; Myah | Patriarche is the interior general contractor; February | Patriarche is the digital services designer; Walter | Patriarche is the operator, service provider and space manager.

Patriarche is an augmented architecture agency.

Our company stands for a unique model to program, design, build and operate innovative environment. Based on a renewed practice of architecture, this approach integrates all disciplines necessary for facilitating the emergence of increasingly conscious, responsible solutions within a long-term perspective.

Every day, we seek to contribute positively to society and collectively (re)create a better future for all. This ambition is reflected in our approach, with every single project regarded as an opportunity to innovate and respond to the challenges facing people and the planet. Everywhere, for everyone, Patriarche acts to be a company with positive impact.

We employ a people-focused approach, ensuring that the user, their uses and their well-being are at the centre of our design. Through our diverse talent and international reach, we have the skills and services to imagine, design, and animate spaces that foster engagement and cultivate enthusiasm.

Patriarche – Augmented Architecture | 750+ employees | 11 offices worldwide | 5 entities | 100 skills | 33 nationalities

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As Patriarche's project management entity, Bart has staked out its position with new and innovative initiatives. By developing programmes where quality of use and efficiency are designed for the long term, Bart | Patriarche promotes low-carbon real estate that is suited to all types of projects.

Bart | Patriarche is deeply involved in local communities, taking a holistic and responsible approach that allows it to contribute to urban regeneration and develop stimulating, aesthetically-appealing and sustainable living spaces.

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Autumn was set up from the outset to ensure the quality of architectural workmanship and guarantee its high standards of craft; it acts as Patriarche's general contractor.
Autumn | Patriarche is a unique player in the construction industry, putting architecture at the forefront of all its projects, whether they are new or refurbished, public or housing.
The trust put in us by our prestigious, demanding clients has enabled the team to develop cutting-edge expertise in the management of complex, high environmental performance projects.

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Focused on the interior design of spaces for work, education, hospitality and living, Myah has established itself as a creator of unique, made-to-measure places that enhance the DNA, identity and experience of its customers and users. Thanks to fully integrated technical expertise and a highly diversified range of skills (from narrative design to ergonomics, from interior architecture to digital services, from signage to furniture), Myah | Patriarche designs high quality, high environmental performance spaces.

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Walter operates, programmes and manages Patriarche's mixed spaces. Since 2019, its goal has been to meet the changing and hybrid needs of new ways of working. Now, Walter uses its expertise to create and operate living and working spaces that encourage interaction and embody the concept of “living together” in a variety of fields (life sciences, workshops, offices, hotels, co-living spaces, catering, and event venues). From design and development to programming, Walter puts the user at the centre of every project it undertakes.

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Patriarche Creative, our communications and graphic design subsidiary, designs and produces editorial, graphic and narrative solutions for each of our projects and for external commissions. They transform intentions into original designs, always with the intention of working in co-creation, from the ideation phase to the execution.

Patriarche creative is particularly involved in: graphic design, narrative design, editorial and content development, digital & social media, scenography and signage.

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As a complement to the user services offered by Walter, Le Supernova offers conviviality, catering and event spaces within the buildings we design. Animated from morning to evening, they offer different atmospheres and different menus to satisfy all the desires of the day (breakfast, brunch, lunch, afterworks, dinners...).

Discover Le Supernova, the first restaurant offer created and managed by the Patriarche Group...

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Specialising in the design of digital services and solutions applied to architecture, cities and their users, February is Patriarche's digital entity.
Driven by an ambition to get ahead of trends and rise to the challenges that are transforming the property industry, February | Patriarche imagines and designs “smarter” buildings which are capable of improving energy efficiency, interoperability and occupant services over the long term.

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A single working method : tailor-made and codesign.

For us, each project is unique.

The co-constructed development process enhances the discussion, improves our understanding and develops our ability to respond to everyone's requests accurately and precisely.

We involve our clients to fully understand their needs, their working methods, their organisation and their project.
We can thus challenge the order, enhance the discussion, and surpass ourselves to develop the right project.

Co-design is the rule because sharing ideas and iterations is the only way to design ambitious but achievable projects that serve the uses of today and tomorrow.

Tools & methods

To develop our projects in an open and partnership-based manner, we use tools - and their dedicated teams - capable of accelerating, enhancing or challenging the development process. Without aiming to be exhaustive, our practice of augmented architecture is based on four main pillars:

Data and digital
All projects are developed from ever more numerous, interwoven and systemic data. The augmented architecture we promote amplifies this phenomenon, by developing ad-hoc data collection and processing tools (Patriarche UX) and augmented methods of spatial projection and drawing (BIM, AI, etc.).
Design narrative & communication
Since sharing an idea implies giving ourselves the means to communicate it well, we use the precepts of design narrative to anchor our projects in their context and their history by weaving links, and exploring paths which, although they may occasionally appear indirect, ultimately facilitate their proper appropriation.
Laboratory / think tank
The agency has structured an internal research laboratory to provide a constant flow of food for thought, the Laboratory of Emerging Practices (LPE) which develops, with external and academic partners, prospective thinking and applied research programmes.
For us, the proper representation of a project is based on a subtle balance between virtual representation (perspectives, media, etc.) and physical, palpable representation. That’s why we have a 250 m2 workshop and a team of professionals for creating study and rendering models at all scales and in all materials.