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Orange Bamako

Construction of a new head office bringing together activities in a single, innovative location.

A showcase for the Group’s modernity and ambition, the new Orange regional headquarters is a symbol of the company’s influence in Bamako.

Located in the heart of the ACI 2000 business district, this ambitious 12-storey office project is designed to bring together all the Group’s activities in a single location. Its volume makes it a strong signal, reflecting the development of the area and reinforcing its attractiveness.

Comprising three buildings forming a single whole, the project reveals an architectural design based on balance. The slenderness of the towers, combined with the multiplicity of heights on offer, create a strong project that nevertheless blends its environment.

Client : ORANGE
Location : Bamako, Mali
Surface : 19 000 m²
Status : Delivery
Date : 2024
Key points
  • Architecture respectful of its context.
  • Minimalist composition and structure.
  • NWow.
  • High-rise building (HRB).
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The slenderness of the towers is based on the balance and multiplicity of the proposed heights, thus offering the fragmentation of a project that is well integrated into its environment.

The staggered use of a square module allows the project to rise in 3 towers of varying heights, thus interacting with the surrounding buildings.

The play of altimetry offers views of the city from the upper floors and generous roof terraces.

The RDC is positioned as a living space for Orange employees in Bamako. Catering areas, sports areas, an internal clinic and other services coexist on the same level and open onto several planted patios.

The volumetric intentions of the project are based on a fair integration, and respectful of its context.


Patriarche (Architecture)


Ardi Architecture (Architecture)
Projex (Ingénierie TCE & OPC)


3D Pictures: ©Patriarche



Photos of the construction site

Orange Bamako