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Synergy boost for Total Group research and development.

Total has chosen the École Polytechnique district in Palaiseau as the future location of its R&D and training centre, which is due to open in 2023. More than 400 people will work there.
By setting up the centre here, Total is disrupting the relationship between private and public research, betting that bringing in outside collaborators can generate new partnerships that will meet the challenges of a post-carbon world.
The building houses innovation and research programmes that require shared infrastructure and which benefit from being a part of the Saclay ecosystem. This facility will complement the research centres that already exist there.
The building’s proportions are modestly designed. Recalling the existing architecture, the building’s design fits into the urban landscape in a legible, coherent and natural way. Striving to avoid an austere style, it presents itself as a modest, open and engaging building.

Client : Total énergie + Bart (promoteur - CPI)
Location : Saclay, France
Surface : 12 462 m²
Status : On going
Date : 2023
Key points
  • Each department is divided into 4 spaces for different uses:
  • • The Convivialité & Echanges Zone, containing a reception area, cafe, and shop.
  • • The Diffusion & Médiation Zone for collaborating and sharing ideas, containing spaces such as labs (multipurpose spaces for innovation and experimentation), conference rooms, and coworking spaces.
  • • The Réflexion & Projets Zone for brainstorming and developing innovative projects, containing incubator spaces, event spaces, and meeting rooms.
  • • The Expérimentation & Test Zone, containing spaces such as laboratories and a fablab.
Performance environnementale
  • Targets: HQE (High Environmental Quality) Sustainable Building. Excellent - Level E3C2.
  • LEED Platinum level.
  • OSMOZ Ready level.
  • R2S - Ready2Services level.
  • Level 1 biosourced building.
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Patriarche group :

Patriarche DB
Patriarche (Architecture)
Patriarche Ingénierie (General construction and cost assessment)

Partners :

Antonini Architecte Associés
Atelier Altern
EVP Ingénierie