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Biotech Development Center

Located on an exceptional site with a view of Lake Geneva, the Biotech Development Center (BDC) will be Merck’s flagship location for the development and production of innovative cancer treatments.
  • IndustryLaboratoryMixed useOfficeWork
  • 2022
  • 16 000 m²

 Founded in 1668, Merck is a scientific company that develops innovative technologies across the globe. The German leader in biotechnologies, Merck called in Patriarche to expand its headquarters, based in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland. 

The Patriarche project allows for an immediate understanding of the building and perfect integration with the existing structures, in a landscape that adapts as the seasons change. 

Like a dialogue between innovation and utility, the BPC includes collaborative work spaces that were custom designed to meet the needs of workers. A bioproduction clean room and GMP laboratories were imagined with an innovative layout to meet quality and safety standards. 

The façades provide a unified surface that integrates the diversity of internal activities. 

The dark surfaces and minimalist design include Merck’s eyrise® technology: liquid crystal windows that minimise the visual impact at night. They also provide thermal comfort and solar protection while simultaneously reducing energy costs. 

Renewable energies are given priority with a large part of the electricity produced by the site’s own photovoltaic system.


  • Patriarche (Architect, Interior Architect, BIM Manager, Economics, CVC, Electricity, Structure, Fluids & URS)
  • OXY Ingénierie (Special Fluids)
  • Tecta 73 (Roads and utilities)
  • Duverney Ingénerie (Metallic Structure)
  • BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA (Thermal engineering)
  • Amstein + Walthert (Fire Prevention Sprinkler)
Advanced standards

In this technically demanding project, Patriarche. has incorporated the highest international standards in quality, environment, health and safety into its architecture. The laboratory spaces have in particular been designed to be flexible and scalable and allow our client to anticipate his future needs and to cope with technological development.

The project is executed according to Patriarche’s “Augmented Architecture” method, which integrates a multidisciplinary team as early as the design phase, to mobilise all available skillsets. The Swiss firm, Patriarche Zimmermann, is providing administrative and regulatory support to the team, as they perfectly master the Swiss SIA standards.

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