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About us

First and foremost, Patriarche & Co is a firm that favours a streamlined and contemporary style. Our work philosophy is embodied in these two mottos "Less is more" by Mies Van Der Rohe and "Form follows function" by Louis Sullivan. Functionality is the foundation of the project, and is enhanced by the poetry and know-how of the firm's architects. We pay close attention to the choice of materials, and the influence of light in order to achieve an architectural project that is inwardly livable and outwardly striking.


« A single architect cannot solve all the issues which pile up on his drawing table.

  • Project quality : client satisfaction
  • project quality : conformity to code and legislation
  • project quality : Pertinent technical and energy use choices, intelligent structure.
  • project quality : conforming to budget
  • project quality : quality of project management and construction.

Archtitects and engineers work together to bring forth solid and structured projects, all the while leaving room for function and outstanding elegance.

They break down the barriers of specialization and engage simultaneously in project development, collaborating at every stage. We have always believed that the ultimate quality of a project is tied to an approach encouraging global vision . This is the reason for which our team is qualified in the sciences required for the project management.

  • Architecture and urbanism, landscape and environment, scenographic space planning and signage
  • Structural engineering (wood , steel, and concrete)
  • Electrical and water systems and networks
  • Laboratories engineering
  • Organization and project supervision

This interdisciplinary framework allows each member of Patriarche & Co to be closely involved in the project coherence and completion. This concept encourages dialogue and communication, which is a huge asset in terms of technical, economic and architectural coherence.

The design’s lifespan is reinforced and results in an intelligent and sustainable insertion into the landscape and environment. Over the course of many years a large number of contractors have come to trust our approach. »

Design patent

« Patriarche & Co has a solid experience rooted in its 50 years history. Nevertheless, it is essential for us to assess each new project with humility and candor. We never build twice on the same site, we never have the same programme, although fortunately we often have the same customers.

What ties everything together is the project framework : each time we try to understand what makes it unique. Its geography, climate, urban or non urban nature, will all be essential guidelines that will justify the project and ensure its sustainability. We usually say that before defining what whe are going to build, we should define what we are not going to build. The space defines the structure and not the opposite. That is the reason for which our references show streets, patios, atriums, interstices : they organize the projects around its space. These principles reliably produce air, natural lighting, clarity of function, and clarity of flows. The project organised this way is enjoyed from within as much as from the outside.

Following this sensitive approach to the site, our guiding rule is to organize the layout in a strategic manner, separating the serving areas and served areas, by using the module system without forgetting the flexibility required to breathe life into the project. After endlessly going back and forth between the plan, sections and elevations, it finally takes shape.

The layout organizes, the section provides volume, the elevation harmonizes. In the end, the whole must bestow the perception of a clear, transparent, modern or ultra- modern architecture, that blends in with the site. »

Jean-Loup Patriarche
Architect – President


The firm was founded in 1960 by Bernard Patriarche DESA architect (1931-1985) and under his lead opted for modernity and functionalism, whether to develop public housing projects, or buildings dedicated to education. He often traveled to South America, and North America for inspiration. He was a pioneer in the field of bioclimatic architecture.

After his passing in 1985, his son Jean-Loup who was 28 at the time (also an architect who graduated from the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris, and studied under Paul Virilio) took over and steered the firm towards public architectural contests as a means to obtain state commissioned architectural projects. The compelling successes of the past decade have established the firm’s credentials by reinforcing both its national and international stature.