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Futuroscope Arena

Design of the Futuroscope Arena in Poitiers
  • EquipementSport & Culture
  • 2021
  • 12,000 m²

Located at the entrance to the park, the new structure will be the first landmark in the path to access the site, affirming its position as the gate to the Futuroscope. The planned complex will echo the existing buildings surrounding it, while creating a connection between the scale of the individual on foot and that of the Park. 

We will take the utmost care when considering the symbolic and meaningful function of the structure, which must set the scene for and make visible, its performance and sport-centred purpose. The group of buildings will take the form of a monolithic arena, fitting in with its environment. It’s size will make it a true landmark across the site.

Upon approaching the arena, the way the bulk of the building lifts from the ground and the openings in the structure invite visitors and pique their curiosity. They can indeed see inside the complex. At night, roles are reversed and the shell disappears in the shadows, leaving the openings in the material to light up like constellations. The rising structure reveals a warm and vibrant interior, connecting to the paved outdoor area.

Département of Vienne / NGE CONCESSIONS
  • Patriarche (Architect)
  • CARDINAL EDIFICE (General contractors )
  • GUINTOLI (Roads and utilities)
  • Atelier Du Moulin (Project architect and HEQ )
  • MAS EA (Scenography)
  • ARTELIA (Economist & coordination of studies)
  • Jaillet Rouby (Structural steelwork)
  • CTE (Concrete Structure)
  • Essor Groupe (Fluids)
  • Effectis (Smoke extraction)
  • Gamba (Acoustics)
  • FMD (Maintenance)
  • NGE (Operation)
  • Lagardère sport
  • Futuroscope congrès
  • Bluerock Sports & Entertainment   
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