We are an agency that functions as a workshop where architects and engineers create in a collaborative fashion. We are a young agency with a strong identity based on innovation and a humanist vision. We are an enthusiastic agency where we treat people with respect and humility. We are an adventurous agency that knows how to push the limits of creativity. We are an agency that seeks to answer the needs of real men and women. We are a dynamic, flexible and reactive agency. We are independant and work according to the strictest ethics.


Patriarche. Office of Architecture is a multi-disciplinary architectural agency driven by innovation where each project is approached as a brand-new endeavor.

To truly create change, we must constantly be on the watch for new concepts and methods. At Patriarche., we take a proactive approach to design as we aim to offer functionality, innovation and flexibility in every one of our architectural initiatives. Our teams are organized in Workshops to foster a collaborative creative process and the emergence of new ideas. Various external partners including specialized engineers, start-ups, researchers, universities and architects from abroad are also integrated into the process. Highly advanced, avant-garde tools like BIM were adopted by the agency very early on and are today part of its identity.


Observe, Utilize, Innovate.

At Patriarche., the Laboratoire des Pratiques Emergentes (LPE©), or Emerging Practices Lab, is a collaborative platform dedicated to exploring forward-looking concepts for buildings and territories. A powerful prospective tool, the LPE© works to identify the earliest hints of new developments and evolutions to come in urban planning, economy, sociology, politics, architecture, the environment and ecology, as well as in related fields including mobility, the medias and design. In pursuing innovation we run the risk of praising novelty regardless of whether or not the object in question has any true value or serves any real purpose. New is not necessarily better. Our LPE© allows us to steer clear of passing trends as we create and utilize new skills and expertise while taking into consideration the choices we make, the objects we use and their consequences on the fabric of our lives and cities.


Building Information Model

Whatever their scope or form, all projects are developed using BIM. As agencies began equipping themselves with computer technology in the 1990s, Patriarche. chose to bypass basic CAD tools, opting instead to invest in specialized Allplan software. Our agency’s multi-disciplinary approach is perfectly adapted to BIM and 3D modeling was naturally integrated into our processes. BIM maturity is determined according to each project, the different actors involved and the BIM project brief. Since integrating BIM, we have constantly pursued dialogue around architectural concepts, both internally and externally, and contributors to each project meet regularly throughout the design process.

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions to match the specificities of each project.

We ceaselessly monitor technological developments so we may integrate the latest products and processes into our projects. And we frequently update our IT tools to match the needs of our clients and our team. In 2017, our thermodynamic engineering department was certified NF ETUDES THERMIQUES RGE, a requirement to work on certain projects. Building cities where people want to live is about more than demonstrating creative ingenuity; architects today must seek to foster social ties and safeguard the environment. This paradigm shift has created exciting opportunities to explore new technical and esthetic ground while offering novel forms of interactions between constructions and the city around them.


Innovation based on architectural intuition “An intuition cannot be proved; it can only be tested.”

Our company culture encourages teams to be curious and spontaneous when designing and proposing new ideas, and to anticipate the future with a forward-looking vision of new usages. We approach each project as a brand-new endeavor: this is what has allowed Patriarche. to research, test and produce new, sustainable concepts such as the House-Boat (a construction on piles for flood zones designed in 2009), Maison Rodolphe (a modular residential structure built in 2012), the Green House (an inhabitable greenhouse concept, winner of Bordeaux Métropole’s 2016 UrbaLab Call for Ideas) and the Floating Home (a houseboat concept created in collaboration with naval architecture firm CLYD in 2017).

Average Age38
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Patriarche. delivers a new vision of making cities.

Making cities differently—and ensuring they are truly sustainable—requires expertise and specialized knowledge. This is why our agency takes a unique and wide-reaching approach, with teams organized around our different activities. Not only does this structure boost creativity, credibility and our ability to respond to the challenges of our field, but it also creates a context in which creation is a joint process and new ideas may freely circulate.


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