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Urban Design Firm

Patriarche., Architects and urbanists


Patriarche.'s teams are composed of architects, engineers, landscapers, and urbanists. Involved in an environmental approach, this urban design firm is committed to a sustainable urbanization.
For a sustainable and urban qualifying, energy and water savings must be combined, waste need to be properly handled, noise decreased, and mobility managed. For the urbanist as well as the architect office, creating a nice living environment is key. This quest of eco construction is ideally associated to a social approach, in which inhabitants are questioned: users participate to the conception process, management and sometimes realization of their own surroundings.

Patriarche. its well-skilled teams successfully designed the urban area of Aix les Bains : Quartier des Bords du Lac, including the conception, as well as the realization of landscape and urban researches for a ZAC and for a new district in town.

Based in France but internationally present, the architecture firm Patriarche. has enforced ambitious urban projects, always with a plain and contemporary architecture.