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Sustainable Architecture

The responsible Architecture

Sustainable ArchitectureSustainably building, for the urban design firm Patriarche., is an ecological and innovative way to approach building design, conception, realization and management. All the concerned parties and involved partners all follow the same goal, to create a nice living environment that preserves environment.

Regarding ecological issues in building's operations, Patriarche & Co has been a pioneer and comes with a scope of sustainable architecture.
Bioclimatic building principles are based on a judicious choice of the best building site, its strength, orientation, and its spaces' arrangement, in order to optimize the sun's benefits.

The effective use of this passive energy decreases energy consumption and increases building running life without significant overrun.

When we talk about eco-buildings, we refer to the smart use of loose or fixed sun shades, and overhang, to ensure summer comfort while guaranteeing an adequate natural lighting, by controlling the sunshine exposure.

Thermic bridges: Due to discontinuities related to either bad implementation or lack of precisions during the building process, a building often has weaknesses on façades insulation, for example between the basement slab and the ground floor, or at roof top.

Air sealing: A construction whose envelop has a weak permeability offers a low consumption of heating and prevents from damages due to humidity, especially in wood's constructions.

Sustainable architectures require for example the use of smart glazing. A particular attention has to be made about insulator's and exterior joinery's choices, in order to optimize the envelop of a building.