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Squeeze Studio

Flexible spaces that adapt to the different needs of staff.

Motivated to provide its employees with a workplace that matches their talent, Squeeze Studio Animation, a company a Quebec company specialising in 3D animation, wanted to expand and refurbish its offices.
To facilitate exchanges and improve production, we organised the space into different zones. The expansion resulted in an open area, accompanied by closed offices for meetings and more technical tasks (recording studio).
Close to the windows, the open area allows a generous amount of natural light and its layout is very flexible. A cinema room has also been designed to bring the team together for project viewing.

Client : Squeeze Studio Animation
Location : Québec, Canada
Surface : 1 800 m²
Status : Completed
Date : 2018
Key points
  • Expansion and renovation.
  • Flexible spaces.
  • Generous natural light.
  • Highlighting of the brickwork.
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Patriarche group:

Patriarche (Interior design)


Photos ©Jessy Bernier