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UFR of Rouen

Renovation and Extension of a Building for the University of Rouen’s Faculty of Science and Technique (Mont-Saint-Aignan).
  • LaboratorySchool
  • 2015
  • 18 600 sq m

Built between 1959 and 1963, the scientific department (Lobby, Labs and auditorium) of the University of Rouen’s Faculty of Science and Technique were in need of a complete refurbishment. The new architectural design would aim to reorganize traffic throughout the building, improve its energy performance and optimize functionality of the 16,000 square meters of facilities and facades.
After asbestos removal, the structure—an immense rectangular five-floor building attached to a series of smaller, parallel constructions in the rear—was completely reorganized. Floors were redistributed and circulation between public teaching facilities and limited-access research areas was revamped.
To increase natural light within, the 1350-square-meter facade was equipped with an insulated envelope with adjustable, retractable slat blinds for ventilation on every floor. Ledges and lintels were covered with silkscreened glass panels depicting horizontal layers of geological strata.
The structure houses classrooms, research facilities, conference rooms, offices, laboratories (primarily L1 and L2) and dining facilities.
Covered in natural aluminum, the new 250-seat auditorium juts out over the main entrance located along the building’s western facade, welcoming students, faculty, researchers and visitors as they make their way to the reception area.

Rectorat de Rouen
  • Plantier
  • Duverney ingenierie
  • Rez’on

Certifié BBC Renovation,Materiaux Sains