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Renovation of the Research and Teaching Facilities of Necker-Université Paris Descartes’s Faculty of Medicine.
  • EquipementLaboratorySchool
  • 2019
  • Paris, 75, France
  • 22 500 sq m

From the start, the renovation of this building dating from 1966, a potential 20th Century Heritage Site, posed a challenge. Patriarche. would seek to respect the original architectural expression, designed by André Wogenscky, while raising energy efficiency and technical and operational performance to modern levels and introducing contemporary standards of comfort and esthetics. The renovation project would also have to respect building codes for high-rises.
Using only the most tactical interventions, the firm was able to reinforce the structure and reorganize space intended for research laboratories, auditoriums, classrooms, animal facilities and more.

During the renovation process, the works of artist Martha Pan, André Wogenscky's companion, as well as a unique spectrum of colors created by the architect, were rediscovered and highlighted in the newly created spaces.
The building's facade along the rue de Vaugirard was also remodelled to create a more visible entrance, offering a new "face" to the Modernist structure.

Université Paris V-Descartes
  • Henn Architeckten
  • IGREC Ingénierie
  • Vanguard Ledigarcher
  • Vision Lab Architekturexport
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