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Maison de répit

Construction of France's first respite Home.
  • EquipementHealth
  • 2018
  • 1 722 sq m

The first of its kind in France, Lyon’s Respite Home was built in Tassin la Demi-Lune, ten minutes from the center of Lyon, on a hectare of wooded land made available by BioMérieux.

Recognized as a public service initiative, La Fondation France’s Respite Home concept is unprecedented in France. These types of homes exist in many European countries and Canada, as a support structure for the ailing and their family and friends. Specially trained personnel are entrusted with the care of the sick to allow respite to their primary caregivers and afford the ailing a change from their usual home environment during one or multiple stays.

Fondation France Répit
  • Patriarche (Architect, Cost engineering, Structure, Fluids , Works engineering, Roads & utilities, Interior design)
  • Nathalie Rives (Interior design)
  • Thibaut de Rohan (Photos)
Simond, Chamonix (FR)
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