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Les Alternants

200 Modular Student Apartments in Illkirch- Graffenstaden.
  • Housing
  • 2016
  • Strasbourg, 67, France
  • 6 930 m²

200 Modular Student Apartments in Illkirch- Graffenstaden.

Sponsored by Strasbourg’s Student Welfare Association, this bioclimatic building is the first six-story building in France to be built using a wooden frame. Its 200 18-square-meter accessible studios were designed to house full- and part-time students, interns, guest lecturers and visiting professors. Located next to the Alsace Biovalley competitiveness cluster, it aims to facilitate and increase the appeal of alternance (which combines parttime study with professional experience) while addressing the needs of major healthcare manufacturing companies.


  • Concept
Crous de Strasbourg
  • Patriarche (Architect, Engineering, Economist, Fluids, Structure, Roads and other networks, Landscape, HQE)
  • Sorec Habitat (Industrial construction)
  • Dhomino (Wood work)
  • 14 IG (Design supervision)

Label BBC Effinergie 2012


Certification label BBC Effinergie 2012.

The building juxtaposes prefabricated wood modules housing two bedrooms and a section of a central hallway. Manufactured by Dhomino, the modules are structured in a way that facilitates design creativity, allowing architects to custom-tailor each project according to their vision.
The wood and concrete structure is covered with metallic cladding and a landscaped walkway leads from the main entrance located on a pedestrian plaza in the southern part of the site to the lobby, the core of the project.

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