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Le Nid

Complex of housing, shops and offices in Noisy-le-Grand.
  • Housing
  • 2020
  • 6,987 m²

Located in downtown Noisy-le-Grand, this mixed-use complex will embody the spirit and verve of the city.
To ease the transition between the project’s vernacular architecture and its more traditional surroundings, soft, curved forms will be employed to balance against the stricter outlines of the pre-existing building blocks around it. Le Nid is situated near amenities including an outdoor market, a swimming pool, a conservatory, a movie theater, City Hall and shops. Much thought was given to integrating the project into its already densely populated urban setting.
Today, the quest for well-being and improving one’s quality of life has become a universal concern, be it for individuals, couples or families. The undulating façades were designed to appeal to residents and passers-by alike, and greenery cascading from planters will give movement to the façades.
With Le Nid, Patriarche sought to create a place that would contribute to the urban landscape while offering a new “Art de Vivre.”

SAS La Promotion

Patriarche ( Architect, Engineering)

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