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Gesvr'In -RTE

Design and construction of a housing complex : Offices and catering area
  • Office
  • 2017
  • La Chapelle-Sur-Erdre, 44, France
  • 10 859 m²

Design and construction of a housing complex : Offices and catering area

The program includes offi ces and a food cour for RTE. The whole property articulates itself on the model of large autonomous modules interconnected by covered galleries. The shape of the plan, two inverted boomerangs, shows how the cumulative constraints of the site and the program were clearly taken into account.

A limiting terrain topography crossed from one end to the other by a high voltage line that requires signifi cant pullbacks as well the presence of an existing building in operation, which must be accounted for..

  • Patriarche (Architect, Fluids, Landscape, water act)
  • Bouygues Energie et Services
  • Quille

Competition RTE 2014

Two identical four-floor structures house office space for the different trades, and common areas including a 250-seat dining facility and meeting and conference rooms are situated on the ground floor. Employees pass from one building to the next using two-floor glass-walled walkways overlooking the site’s private garden, which is also visible from the ground floor. Parking is available in outdoor and underground lots equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

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