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Innovation openness and interaction
  • IndustryLaboratoryMixed useOffice
  • 2022
  • 40, 000 m²

Innovation, openness and interaction.

Saint-Fons is ideally located in the heart of the region’s famous Chemical Valley, south of Lyon: the birthplace of chemistry in France. With a long tradition of science and innovation, Solvay is at the cutting edge of a vances in new materials technologies and specialty chemistry, often setting benchmarks in best practice and product quality.
Each element of the Saint-Fons campus will reflect Solvay’s ambition and commitment to sustainability. Careful consideration has been given to the connection between adjacent roads, pavements, parking and microtopography and the surrounding natural environment, as well as the interplay between the center’s activities and their impact on air, soil quality and climate.

  • Patriarche (Architect, Interior Architecture, Economics, CVC, Lab Expertise, RT Study, Signage
  • Egis (Structure, Electricity, CSSI, Asbestos removal, Environment, Acoustics)
  • Tecta (Roads and utilities) - Inddigo (Certification BREEAM)
  • Base (landscaping)
  • Convergence (Kitchen design)
  • NewQuest (Digital))

The aim is to obtain the "Excellent" level of BREEAM's certification.

Multi-activity centre, Québec (CA)
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