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Boiron Restaurant

Construction of an employee cafeteria during renovation of Boiron’s Messimy site.
  • EquipementRestaurant
  • 2014
  • 1630 m²

Construction of an employee cafeteria.

In response to the growing needs of its rapidly evolving site located within Les Lats Artisanal Zone in Messimy, Laboratoires BOIRON required a new dining facility for its employees. The 1,270-square-meter cafeteria was part of a larger initiative to renew the BOIRON production site that also included the construction of a building dedicated to waste sorting and other facilities (restrooms, locker rooms, a storeroom, etc.).
Compared to the other buildings on site, the architecture of the cafeteria satnds out with its metal slat walls and green roof. A wide stainless steel band runs along the top of the building, a decided contrast to the white cement walls and metallic parapets of the laboratory buildings.

Situated on the western side of the building, the entrance is accentuated by curves that descend from the roof in a wavelike formation. A central gallery—with rooftop solar panels that provide energy for hot water production— allows natural light into the dining hall, kitchen and facilities, and a landscaped walkway leads to a wooden terrace.

  • Patriarche (Architect)
  • Duverney (Steel structure)
  • Fluitec (Kitchen equipment)

The project has been created in the aim to meet the needs of a developing site.

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