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Offices and Laboratories for BIOASTER, a Technology Research Institute (IRT).
  • LaboratoryOffice
  • 2015
  • 5 830 m²

Offices and Laboratories for BIOASTER, a Technology Research Institute (IRT).

Created by Lyonbiopôle and l’Institut Pasteur to pursue innovation in the field of microbiology, BIOASTER is one of France’s Technology Research Institutes (IRTs).

The BIOASTER site is unique in its architectural design and commitment to environmental quality. Located at the center of Biodistrict Lyon Gerland, a 3800-square-meter center houses laboratory and co-working spaces for industrial and academic research teams. Office space is situated along the northeast facade while 2200 square meters of P2 and P3 laboratories occupy the southwestern part of the building.

The structure forms a coherent ensemble with the Institut de Génomique Fonctionelle de Lyon (IGFL), whose location and volume were also factors in the design process. With its acutely angled glass facade facing avenue Tony Garnier, it states our choice for contemporary work. BIOASTER has become one of the symbols of Biopôle.


IRT Bioaster
  • Patriarche (Architecte, Urbaniste, OPC, HQE, Structure, Process labo, Paysage VRD, Signalétique)
  • Plantier (Structure)
  • Auberger Favre (Fluides)
  • Reflex’éco (Eco-Conception)

Compactness, inertia, insulation, management of solar and luminous intakes, orientation of the building.

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