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French ArchitectsPatriarche & Co : architects and engineers is a familial agency. Founded by Bernard Patriarche in 1960, this agency groups together some architects, engineers and scenographs from France.

Jean Loup Patriarche (state chairman), Damien Patriarche (CEO) and their partners carry on the work that begun around a responsible and sustainable architecture, in France and around the world.

France is Patriarche & Co’s environment of inspiration since 1960 : sustainable urban development, sustainable architecture are concepts used ever since by its architects and engineers.

Contemporary architecture, eco-area and BBC Buildings are the values that always drove Patriarche & Co’s international teams. Reflections currently engaged in architectural environment around 'Grand Paris' certify that sustainable architecture call up not only Parisian architects but most of the French ones too.

French architect Patriarche & Co’s ideas lead to new architectural concepts such as CLIMACIS or House Boat.

In Paris scenograph architects, pharmaceutical laboratory architects and industry architects live and work side by side. Patriarche & Co’s teams fit in the line of a willing of success, from an ecological point of view, as well as functional point of view.

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