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Engineering Department Director - Equity partner
Marjorie graduated from the Paris ESTP ( Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics ) in 1997 – specializing in construction. She first worked for Elyo Facilities Management within a team dedicated to project management, and as project manager. Later on she decided to pursue her inclination for fieldwork and integrated the OPC and OTH teams on the construction project for the ENS lettres et sciences humaines in Lyon Gerland. She started working for Patriarche & Co in 2000 and added her transversal competencies to the multidisciplinary team.
In 2001, early in the days of HEQ she began training at CIFAA to hone her skills and affirm the outlook that already existed within the firm. Marjorie developed an organisational method and tools that have enabled us to completely integrate QEB criterias. She is in charge of operational management and became director of the multidisciplinary engineering teams of Patriarche & Co in 2011.