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Architect - Deputy General Manager - Equity partner
Bernard Maillet attended the Grenoble School of Architecture and graduated (DPLG) in 1990, after defending a thesis on the study of relations between architecture and contemporary art . He joined Patriarche. in 1992 first as Architect, then later became Project Manager.

Bernard is responsible for a variety of projects, ranging from restructuration to construction and is a key voice in defining the firm’s architectural statement. Through these projects, he has developed a keen interest in the study of glass envelopes, shells, as is illustrated in the Phare Project in Chambéry.

First and foremost a creative innovator, he is involved in planning, programming, conception, and has developed a close relationship with his customers. He is widely recognized for his exceptional competence in the conception of equipments in the industrial fields as well as in services and scientific research.

His aproach to integrated conception blends innovation and multidisciplinary teamwork to achieve his objectives. He is highly competent managing teams on large projects such as was the case for the Biocitech Technological Park in the Paris suburbs.

He is also familiar with working abroad, most recently in Algeria, where he led the study for an oil research center in Oran.