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GEY Baptiste

Architect - Equity partner
Baptiste graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Grenoble (ENSAG) as a Bachelor in architecture and entered the Facolta di Architectura di Genova (Italy) to study the 1st year of a Master’s Degree (M1) course thanks to an Erasmus scholarship. As a student in Italy, he participated in several international open design competitions and workshops on the restoration of existing buildings, a discipline in which Italian architects have unparalleled expertise.

Since 2004 Baptiste has been working with design practices and has participated in a number of competitions on a wide array of civic projects.

Baptiste graduated from ENSAG in 2007 with honors. He joined Patriarche. in the same year and stepped up to a Principal in no time and a Partner later on.

Not only is Baptiste a design expert for he has been in charge of numerous and major competitions at the firm, but he is also involved in development studies and large-scale project planning. His approach to project management, from the very first sketch to the technical design and the construction site supervision brings him the full picture of the industry as much as good and technical command of projects.